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There are a variety of needs to be served: Active Care Support Services will provide direction, encouragement, information and the overall support necessary in the development of new skills and strengths. With an emphasis on support, the goal is to assist clients in attaining confidence for increased self-reliance and independence leading to an overall improvement in quality of life.

1)      Philosophy: Active Care's gentle teaching philosophy implements the use of non- adversatives while extending the utmost care and concern for the dignity and respect of the clients that service is provided for. Ongoing training will be available to clients to insure their safety and overall progress. The individual behaviors will be based upon the collection and recording of intervention data. A comprehensive evaluation of observational data and the ongoing efforts of the interventions will be documented and maintained.

2)      Support: The support system will provide emotional support and assistance with basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. Support will also be provided in health choices including protection, healthy eating and recreation. Finances will be addressed with an emphasis on budgeting. Communication and transportation assistance will also be provided and developed.

Accountability: Solutions will be developed via action plans for individual clients following a comprehensive assessment of their needs. Management tracks client progress through monthly reports and follow up discussion with individual personal support workers. Active Care can be counted on by making the client's best interest our top priority.

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