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Enhancing the capacity of communities to value and support those with disabilities.
By working together with other professionals, we strive to ensure clients receive the best available therapy. An example being the work with Dr. Charles Emmrys Ph.D. in implementing his "Verbal Fascilitated Communication" technique. An association with other like minded providers is also being organized.


To create an environment of additional support and information, it is key to construct an outside support system through professional affiliations. The following affiliates will be utilized based upon ongoing relationships, projects and additional resources.
n        Government of NB/ Social Development - Formerly FCS (Family & Community Services)

n        Daniel Baker B.ED. GRS, Helping Hands Institute, Lead Instructor - Human Service Counselor Program / NBCC

n        Daniel Doiron HSC - Human Service Counselor Program Instructor / NBCC

n        Maureen McIntosh RN, Bsc.N., M.Ed., C.C.C., C.R.T. / Moncton Reality Therapy

n        Doug Jones - BT, MA, RTC / Moncton Reality Therapy Consultants

n        Gregg McAllister QC - Barrister and Solicitor specializing in family law



Contact us to become an affiliate:

PO Box 1598, Moncton, NB, Canada, E1C9X4