JD Fortune

May 14, 2006


   J.D. Fortune is the stage name for the singer/song writer Jason Dean Bennison. Jason was born September 1, 1973. Jason was born in Mississauga, Ontario but was raised in Salt Spring, Pictou County, Nova Scotia. He has a sister named Sarah-Jane. Jason started performing at a very young age. He went to school at Cawthra Park Secondary School but dropped out in high school. After he won the reality TV series Rock Star INXS, he became the lead singer of the band INXS after the old singer passed away a few years back. Jason and his crew released the first album Switch shortly after Jason won the TV show. Jason was also an Elvis impersonator and wrote songs for an Ontario TV show. He served in the Canadian military for a couple of years and was also a martial arts teacher. Jason currently lives in Oakville, Ontario.


One positive thing about JD is that he is a great songwriter. He knows the style of the band because he grew up listening to them.


One negative thing about JD is that he used to be an Elvis impersonator. That means the moves, the style, the voice and everything. So, he has to try his hardest to get out of that mood while in concert. When you watch JD in concert you can tell he still has the style of Elvis in him a little bit.


By Nick McAllister, Grade 8, RMS