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Don Coleman of ANR International writes from: www.myspace.com/anrgroupinternational :
Congratulations TRACY STARR on landing a record deal with PERRIS Records in the U.S.A. I highly recommend this album to all Guitar Driven Rock Fans. The brainchild of Steve LeBlanc & Daniel Dupuis. Tracy Starr will ROCK your socks off and keep you wanting more. Steve LeBlanc is an axe surgeon a journeyman who would be comfortable trading licks and solos with the best guitarists in the world - BAR NONE! With the album now available in Canada, The U.S.A. and Europe TRACY STARR is preparing to take the world by storm. Visit www.tracystarr.net or www.myspace.com/tracystarr to experience a phenomenal ROCK ALBUM.

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Battle of the Flags:
HockeyFan99:  WRITES Mar. 25, 2007 UNB! UNB! UNB! How about those boys from UNB winning the national championship out from under the Blue Eggs of Moncton. I think half of Moncton was behind them too! I'm from Moncton and I know I was for UNB. H-E-double hockey sticks, I even went to St. Thomas (UNB's arch rivals). The problem with the storied Blue Eagles, which they used to be referred to for us square heads, is that they or their fans SEEM to want to alienate any of us who don't fly the Acadien flag or paint our telephone poles red, white & blue. All I saw the UNB fans flying was their University colors while the U de M fans seem to want to make it a French thing. Does U de M even have a flag? I thought U de M was trying to attract English students, not chase them away. This "Aigles Bleus" thing was the final straw for me! "Good on 'em, I say!"
Box Cars:
RacerDude07:  WRITES Mar. 22, 2007 Roger, remember the joke about the moped being fun to ride as long as your friends don't see you? I guess your screen name says a lot about your vehicle tastes: LOL!
Box Cars:
RogerPussy04:  WRITES Mar. 22, 2007 l like that little electric/gas car and it looks like a box. I think it is cute to boot and fun to drive!
Box Cars:
RacerDude07:  WRITES Mar. 22, 2007 Has anyone noticed all the box cars reappearing like it was 1985 again? I understand that, when Chrysler & Iacocco came up with the K-car, desperate times called for desperate measures. What is the reason today? Instead of futuristic, Honda, GM and others are building boxes again. Ford seems to be the exception but uses yesterday's technology and yesterday's heros to promote it. Didn't Gretsky retire? Where is Crosby? GM came up with a truck that come apart like a lego toy & this thing called an Aztech which probably should have been ASS-TECH because it looks like a piece of crap! GM also shows vehicles from years gone by in an effort to tug on peoples nostalgic heart strings or is that Ford? Build something today or continue closing plants. Chrysler is building Hurse-Looking wagons and still playing around with Neons. Lose the Daimler crap and get back to good old American Mopar muscle boys. Those early 90s Intrepids & Vipers were ausome! While the Japs are gaining an increasing market share, doesn't that Honda BOX Truck THING look like a GEEK mobile? These guys are way over rated. Mitsubishi, Nissan and others are building equal or better vehicles with a better warranty something that is actually appealing to the eye. Toyota is not much better but I guess there are enough simple geeks around to keep them going too!
Lycos mail sucks:
RogerPussy04:  WRITES Mar. 22, 2007Al you get is garbage as soon as you sign up. My question is, how do these spammers get my address?
Smoking Blows!
James69:  WRITES Mar. 12, 2007 Email Submission: In my opinion, smoking blows and to pitch yourself as a smoker in your promotional photo is old school. HOWEVER, loved the album, Steve. Ballsy guitar man! Rock on buddy, James from Glace Bay.

On Halifax Confirming the Stones:
 Parkton25:  WRITES ...and while we are on the subject, now that Halifax is getting the Stones all they need is a President's Cup, a front-door berth in the Memorial Cup and Sunday shopping and they will almost be a real city just like Moncton LOL

Should the Stones rock the Halifax commons?
We were copied on this email from a self-titled Halifax Citizen Extraordiniare. Let us know what you think!
to: HRM councillors
cc: Halifax media, musicians, interested parties

Brilliant! Yes definitely, bring major rock acts to Halifax, but do it
correctly. Your thinking is, well, incomplete.

DO not have the concert at the Halifax Commons. You are asking for
trouble. It is madness to have a big rock concert in an area of:
- dense population (just think of all the noise complaints,
civil suits to cover temporary lodgings, bogus and valid claims of
property damage by neighbouring residents).
- many windows of residential property over-looking the Commons
resulting in lost ticket sales.
- many parked automobiles just waiting to be damaged.
- traffic congestion. How are so many automobiles suppose to routed?

Face the facts: Dense population, plus traffic congeston, plus sudden
increase of population in a small area, plus alcohol and drugs equals
a RIOT. You will be presenting a situation that will be impossible for
the police to control.

Find a truly large and isolated field in HRM, but outside the city,
with entrances and exits that the police can control. The Commons is
not large enough. Just where do you believe you can squeeze in all the
portapotties on the Commons? ;-)

Question. Why are you interested in booking the Rolling Stones? They
just played Moncton, and thus have satisfied the maritimes market. They
are not the only band in the world. I think Ozzy, Ozzfest, the
Scorpions, etc, several big exciting live acts may be available/in the
area (eastern Canada/New England). Visit http://pollstar.com/ for

Why do you even use the word "concert"? Erase it from your vocabulary.
Think "festival". Say it with me: fes-ti-valllll. "Concert" is just
typical small-time Nova Scotian thinking. Have not just an evening
concert, but a festival over several days, at least one-long day, with
several major acts. Copy the Glastonbury Festival. Have a pop day
(Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Nelly Furtado, Madonna, etc), a rock day
(Aerosmith, Green Day, Nickelback, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, Who,
etc), a hardrock/punk/metal day (Ozzy, Scorpinos, etc) -- acts that
draw. Be creative! Do not just copy Moncton. Remember: they lost money
because of pooooooor planning.

If there is a riot, I shall say, "I told you so!"

Best of luck with your gig! :-)

Robert Speirs, resident=extraordinaire